Japanese-style Journals for Journal Writers

Why I Created a Line of Japanese Journals

Old Memories Birth New Low Content Books

There is a beauty and style to traditional Japanese art that is peculiar to itself. For most of my adult life I’ve been attracted to Japanese fine art. Way back in the fall of 1976 I spent three weeks exploring Japan and it was a divine experience. Why do I remember the date? I was there when Jimmy Carter became president and saw his face on all the front pages of the Japanese newspapers.

Journal Writing Captures Memories 

For three weeks I traveled by boat and train from Tokyo to Kyoto to Hamamatsu. Orange trees bursting with fruit sped by as I experienced the speed of Japan’s famous bullet train. Lucky enough to be in Japan during the Emperor’s anniversary of his reign, I saw the ceremonial robes that had not been seen by the public in fifty years. Hamamatsu, a resort seldom visited by non-Japanese, brought the traditional Japanese Noh theater to life every evening. The happiest moment? When visiting Mount Aso, the largest active volcano in Japan, a crowd of Japanese school children swarmed me as I stood staring down the volcano. So many memories that still stand strong.

New Japanese Notebooks and Journals

Japan continues to sing its siren’s song. Only natural, I guess, that I’d celebrate those moments with a line of journal notebooks featuring traditional Japanese art ranging from a geisha series to a series celebrating Japanese folklore. The imprint even has its own Facebook page. One of the joys of self-publishing is that you can create a series of books to please yourself. See the rest of the journals by visiting Beautiful Journals and Notebooks on Amazon. Visit my Japanese Journals Facebook page.

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