Writing ritual to bring in the new year

How My Writing Ritual Establishes the New Year’s Dauntless Enthusiasm

What writer doesn’t love writing rituals? They are creative habits that inspire, motivate, and cultivate the very act that defines them. Rituals help build a fortress that allows the writer to inhabit the fictive world they are creating or fall into the rapid stream of words that spill onto the page. Ritual—”a sequence of activities […]

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Join the annual NaNoWriMo writing challenge

2020 NANOWRIMO: Game On

NaNoWriMo writing challenge, are you ready? The NaNoWriMo writing challenge begins November 1st. It’s not too soon or too late to begin prepping for the upcoming writing contest of the year. I’ve been participating off and on since it began. Sometimes I go for one full manuscript or work to complete fifty thousand words of […]

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2020 Deweys 24 hour reverse readathon book reading list

Reverse Readathon – What’s On My Reading List?

Reverse Readathons, have you heard of them before? They’re are a little bit different than your average readathon. Generally, readathons begin in the early morning hours and end the same. Reverse readathons are more relaxed, have less pressure, and start in the evening. If you’ve never participated in a readathon before, a reverse one is […]

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#sciFiJune #Readathon Science Fiction or Fantasy June readathon 2020

Readathon – Escape into Sci-Fi or Fantasy all month long

                      Escape to far-away worlds and enchanted forests or step your toe into the world of magical realism by participating in the Sci-Fi Summer Readathon. Size doesn’t matter. Full-blown fantasy or hardcore science fiction works. Pick up an old classic like one of Isaac Assimov’s […]

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Japanese-style Journals for Journal Writers

Why I Created a Line of Japanese Journals

Old Memories Birth New Low Content Books There is a beauty and style to traditional Japanese art that is peculiar to itself. For most of my adult life I’ve been attracted to Japanese fine art. Way back in the fall of 1976 I spent three weeks exploring Japan and it was a divine experience. Why […]

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